🐐♑Capricorn♑ 🐐 M 22~◇~J 22, 2016. True L♡VE is near. TWIN FLAME


🐐♑Capricorn♑ 🐐 M 22~◇~J 22, 2016. True L♡VE is near. TWIN FLAME

🐐♑Capricorn♑ 🐐 L♡VE M 22~♦~J 22, 2016♦
True L♡VE is near. TWIN FLAME.
This playlist is of a 9 Card triple spread.
Deck used:
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
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  1. Wow! This reading seems so accurate.. I'm impressed and hoping that it turns out exactly this way. ❤️

  2. completely accurate! I am just now renewing my relationship with my twin flame, the woman he was with is gone and we are rediscovering our love and friendship…amazing reading; thank you!!!

  3. There was a third party, that caused them to walk away. I thought they were my soulmate, I was and am crushed.

  4. This amazing, every event that has been listed has happened to me during this month and last . i just shocked but happy to hear that every obstacles will be overcomed. -thankyou !!!

  5. I did notice the mess up but I'm not going to redo the video because apparently this is how it was meant to be said and I'm talking about the Queen of Pentacles I laid it on the 3rd position down, but when I went to read the positions on the second row, I pulled the Queen instead of the other card and I guess that was not in my control.


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