1 Billion XRP Transaction!! Western Union FUD. Banking Community Is Working With Ripple.

1 Billion XRP Transaction!! Western Union FUD. Banking Community Is Working With Ripple.


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  1. At the end of the day if you have bought xrp that's great don't sell but at this point don't buy anymore til xrapid is shown to bring up price, all these partnerships and talk is just that ,talk, time for xrp to show it's worth
    I have been into xrp for years and I don't think we need to hear from this guy to know if we should buy or not.
    If you have xrp jut hold and see especially since garlinghouse said this year banks using xrapid so let's see. This is not a coin like btc and eth run by speculation it is a use coin so let's see the usage bring up the value

  2. LOL, 10 Transactions using SWIFT would still cost more, and some Transactions would be lost…

  3. Alex..Direct shoutout. Please get your butt on building a Discord server so we can chat more around the clock in this community. I was telling DM Logic and Digital Asset Investor, I hope we can all do it some time. My travel channel Officially Nmotion, still new, we are mining and also have interest in vlogging about cryptos and what do you think? Maybe if someone like me starts one, we can all join? Let's keep the HODL, good returns and long term solid investing going in this new world. I love the intro to this video. You the man. @alexcobb.

  4. Pants on Fire!! Pants on Fire!!


    "The XRP token along with its xRapid platform are not being used by banks"

    "What we hear from many of our customers is that it’s imperative to keep their transactions private, process thousands every second, and accommodate every type of currency and asset imaginable,” he said.

    On Blockchain itself, however, he was likewise less optimistic, saying the idea the technology would “disrupt” banking was “short-sighted.”

    “The feedback from the banks is you can’t put the whole world on a blockchain,”

    XRP – 55 cents.

  5. I'm part of a class action lawsuit against WU.The company admitted to aiding and abetting wire fraud and violations of Bank Secrecy Act.

  6. Not many people know about it, but bitcoin is bait and ripple is real thing. Some guy was planning for it for 30 years to make perfect system and nobody can't beat it. I mean biggest force in the earth. No company or even government can dare to challenge.

  7. Western Union is most likely (in my opinion) not wanting to use XRP bcuz the transaction fees are how they make their money…. Of course I could be wrong, this is just one guys opinion….

  8. Why cant you just make a concise video regularly rather than these daily live streams most of us have real jobs and I am too busy to watch 48 min of live stream but do appreciate your input.

    I cant help but wonder if you just do these livestreams for all the money people give in the chat? Screw Ripple your making money just talking about it from the livestreams I just skimmed this vid and look like you cleared close to $200 just on todays stream……..

    I hope you people realize this kid is making more than the Avg American just live streaming constantly bullish news……. nothing ya'll cant google. I HODL Ripple too but i'm questioning this kids motives at this point. Or maybe I just need to quit my job and start live streaming lmao

  9. If western union can watch as PayPal take over then you can't expect them to take a second technological leap. They are happier with carrier pigeons until they go out of business

  10. Google: Rolling Stone dated Jan 5, 2017, Trump Nominee Jay Clayton Will be the Most Conflicted SEC Chair Ever.Clayton is literally "married" to the industry.

  11. There was an article about Jay Clayton being the most unlikely independent SEC head when he was appointed by Pres. Trump

  12. it's easy to figure out why western union guy say that if we are in his shoes. He want to buy ripple personally at cheaper price, but this will not be easy.

  13. Alex. Another clue pointing to why IMO Coinbase will add ZCash next. SILBERT DCG COINBASE GRAYSCALE company holdings. It’s #6 of 7 coins held. Ps XRP is 7th of 7 in size in company’s holdings …

  14. Just read a video from Crypt Eri, (Japan) – she does some great research on the CEO and he even speaks about “WU consumers not wanting crypto”. So what Eri says and it makes sense is that the CEO for WU is not a crypto guy and does not want to use crypto. What will happen is that WU will be forced to join the revolotion or get left behind. If any of you remember in the 90s Blackberry had the market on businesss communication – well they did not move forward with the times and Apple etc. took over. Blackberry is pretty much unknown in the business world…..that is what is going to happen with WU…..too bad for them – they should remove Hikmet Ersek for a CEO with the future of the company in mind! Just my opinion! AJ

  15. Don't worry with time competing companies will use xrp and save a ton. They will then use those savings to lower cost to consumers…thus bye bye western union everyone with half a brain will switch to the better competition.

  16. Alex do things right go to WU website And you'll find out why WU odes not want to huse XRP!!! if it would it would put WU out of business!!! to send 500 us in minuts would cost with WU 49 dollars…., with xrp less then 1 cent….

  17. I like the Zilliqa-coin very much) They speak it can make x100 this year) free coins came from airdrop) Now I buy popcorn, just sitting and waiting for a growth)) I Hope profit on a Zilliqa will cover my losses from Ripple 🙂

  18. Eventually they (WU) will get left behind by other remittance companies and then by their customers as others will adopt xrp to pass on the savings to their customers and boast the transaction speed as the cherry on top. They are putting profits first instead of customers and this will work…. but only for a while. I say that because as previous and current overseas workers sending money back to Philippines, India and China etc get older and retire. New younger workers eventually take over the responsibility of moving to the city/abroad and they will be savy enough to know who gives the best rates and fastest transactions. It will not be Western Union. By then the loss will continue to decline until they stop existing or they adapt ripple's xrapid/xpring.

  19. Some of these company's are going to be on the wrong side of the revolution. That's all your seeing. WU showing their true color. They are anti customer.
    XRP= Hodle

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