30 Women DESCRIBE their BUTT


30 Women DESCRIBE their BUTT

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In this video 30 women describe their butts/ asses/ booties/ peaches/ pancake/ cakes/ pillows

we discuss stretch marks, hair on the butt, skin discoloration​, booty love, b cup booties, exercises to grow your booty and accepting your butt despite the odds!

at 5:40 the audio cuts out here’s what she says

“of course, I have cellulite. I um, drink too much coffee to not have cellulite. I have done literally all of the exercises to get rid of them but at a certain point you just have to accept it.”

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  1. Used to be my biggest insecurity.. now Idgaf😊 exercise was discovered and I know now that if I don't have a nice booty it's because I'm too lazy to workout.

  2. Thaaaank you Shannon and all the amazing ladies in this video for sharing this 💗🍑

  3. 🤣🤣🤔⚘👏🔎🔥! Hey Shan B today is my first time watching your channel. You have an attractive face and body. That flat stomach is to die for and those the the right Medium size to grap witg two hands. I felt was a little hard on yourself. Peace ! 😘⚘🙏🔎🔥!

  4. I HATE MY BUTT!! even tho i’m 12 (turning 13 in six mor days) girls the same age as me have more booty than me.im plus size and have no butt. it’s square and flat and have very big breast.(a DD) i’m also insecure about my thighs and legs.my thighs are huge (with no butt) and my ankles and legs are small.im just bad built and i hate it i would LOVE to look like the rest of the girls cus honestly its embarrassing because boys are starting to notice it too.it just upsets me because i go to school around mostly african americans and i’m biracial.its just upsetting.

  5. I could not relate more to the pretty girl who was talking about how her mom criticizes her stretch marks


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