5 Facts About Archer – Fate Stay Night/Unlimited Blade Works

5 Facts About Archer – Fate Stay Night/Unlimited Blade Works

5 Facts About Archer Emiya – Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works / Grand Order. Here are some Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works facts about Archer …

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  1. capabel of firing a nobel phantasm. you just proved how much of a fraud you are, Archer tells rin that he dosen't have any nobel phantasm, that technically his nobel phantasm is his reality marbel.

  2. If Archer could only reproduce guns and modern weaponry then UBW will have to be renamed to unlimited gun works

  3. Archer emiya true paramater

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: A
    Mana: B

    Luck: E

    Noble Phantasm: A++

  4. i like the video, but you said Archer's range is up to 4,000 km with his bow…that's much further than the 2.5 miles you immediately stated after. 4,000m, on the other hand, is about right for 2.5 miles

  5. I like how archer's every question answer is "Blade"
    1} Healing – blade
    2} Fighting – blade
    3} Shooting/Projectile – blade

  6. Recreation of any divine noble phantasm other than Excalibut aren't "with the same power" because Archer cannot decipher their "mystery"

  7. "Archer doesn't have a noble phantasm, instead, he has a reality marble"
    because it's a reality marble doesn't mean it's not a noble phantasm. It's not a noble phantasm because of his nature as a future hero (same goes for his parameters, they are not low because he is not an hero but because he is from the future). A lot of servants have reality marble as their noble phantasms: rider (fate/zero), Amakusa shirou alter, some even have a noble phantasm that is a weapon yet a reality marble, like akhilles shield

  8. "the two holy grail war that he has been involved in"
    extra, extra CCC, extella, extella link and kaleid: are jokes to you?

  9. 5:12 "His range with a bow can be from a few hundred meters away to up to 4,000 Kilometers, which is just under 2 and half miles"
    Your miles are huge

  10. You said unlimited blade works can made anything except modern weapons. Alter apart, Archer's Unlimited blade works can't made divine construct such as Photon ray or Ea, the only exception to this rule is Excalibur which he can make because of Avalon inside his body.

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