5 Things We Liked About Days Gone And 1 Thing We Didn’t

5 Things We Liked About Days Gone And 1 Thing We Didn’t

Thanks to yesterday’s video, we already know 8 things we didn’t know before about Days Gone gameplay, but what did our Ian Higton actually think of the game? Find out all about the ups and downs of Days Gone PS4 Pro gameplay in this video preview based off of three hours of hands on with Days Gone. P.S sorry about Ian’s croaky voice, he’s been dancing naked in the rain again and he’s got caught the flu or something.

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  1. Soo Deacon has been wearing the same outfit from day 1 until day 750?
    Sad that you cannot do any character customization to change their clothes unlike RDR2

  2. In my opinion…
    Days Gone is one of the worst, sloppiest, most poorly designed PS4 games I've played to date – and that includes Far Cry 5.

    A lot of people gave Days Gone a lot of shit while it was in development, but I always tried to give it the benefit of the doubt; surely a game with motorcycles, guns and zombies (with echoes of TLOU) can't NOT be fun, right?

    I got round to buying it recently, wanting a change of pace after snagging the platinum on Sekiro. After running that gauntlet, the idea of leisurely cruising around the outdoors, popping off zombies, picking up collectables and running fetch quests sounded like my cup of tea.

    So, how could Sony get it so wrong? There are many faults to speak of, but overall, the developers have created a clunky, perplexing experience for players. By contrast, I've been playing Sekiro for pretty much two solid months, and (aside from camera issues in a couple of boss fights) everything in that game is very obviously polished to the highest standard. The mechanics and movement are slick, the stealth is perfected simplicity, the UI is thoughtful and intuitive, the way the game teaches you and offers progress is balanced and *makes sense*.

    The care and attention that has gone into every aspect of Sekiro is a stark contrast to what I experience in Days Gone, with its capricious stealth and enemy spawn mechanics, its complete lack of direction, its treacle-like controls, and its astonishing ability to drown the player in storylines and side missions without exposition or coherence through a clumsy, overcrowded UI. The entire thing is openly fucking hostile to the player experience.

    Even finding the most fundamental enjoyment in Days Gone feels like climbing a mountain. Here's an example:

    I'm a few hours into the game and I'm riding to a nearby mission waypoint, maybe 1.5km away from me. On the way I notice a big old abandoned farmhouse just off the beaten road and, apropos of nothing, decide to check it out. The area seems to be clear of enemies, so I park my bike (it hasn't run out of gas yet – another baffling design decision) and sneak onto the grounds. I circle around, picking up a few bits and bobs and shivving opening a couple of cars. I'm enjoying the feeling of being a hunter, scavenging for supplies, and soon I'll be back on my way to the mission. Maybe I'll take a few photos while I'm here.

    Out of nowhere and with no warning, a wolf lunges at me from off-screen and takes a chunk out of my health. I whip around to shoot it, only to learn there are three of them, all hurtling towards me. I have no choice but to run, hoping to clear some distance before I can use my 'focus' ability and take them all on with a ranged weapon (also knowing this is easier said than done, and I'll probably resort to mashing R2 for some melee attacks, as is typical with Days Gone's combat). A few seconds into my sprint, Deacon chirps up with "Another nest… need to burn it down" and my mini-map fills with glaring red, signalling that I'm actually surrounded by enemies. Oh. I hear that familiar "glaaaurrrgghhh" and yep, as I spin the camera round I see them, they're *everywhere*. Now in addition to the wolves, I'm also being tailed by not one, but any number of flailing zombies (sorry, freakers).

    I have very little choice here but to keep running, until – with a little luck – some of the nasties give up the chase, or I find a dumpster to hide in. I'm all out of molotovs. So I keep running, rinsing and refilling my stamina, until I've gone so far that it hardly seems worth going back for my bike – this is not enjoyable, and surely this isn't the game they wanted me to play.

    Anyway, eventually I lose most of the chasers and take out the last two using the aforementioned stategy of shooting, getting attacked anyway, and finishing with a melee. I start the long pilgrimage back towards my bike, and by some miracle I manage to extract it from the original location. I get back on the road, and set my sights on the waypoint, vowing not to explore any other part of this beautiful sandbox.

    I'm 0.4km from the destination and a sniper shoots me from my bike. There was no warning, and nothing I could have done to avoid it. Within seconds I'm set upon by six freakers, and I'm dead.

    Days Gone, you simply aren't fun to play.

    What impression am I left with? Well, without a doubt Days Gone is a great (albeit depressing) example of how far marketing alone can push a mediocre game, and how even the biggest blockbuster titles can be beset by what amounts to a complete lack of direction or consideration for its players' experiences. I wouldn't call it a broken game, just a thoughtless one.

  3. The most boring review I’ve ever seen and your showing other people’s gameplay what the hell am i watching you then what would you say bollocks ??

  4. The sounds these zombies make are frighting! I look for cover and look around 360 if I hear them close by. I've played about 4 hours now and I feel this is more of a chore that a fun game. Even Far Cry games have some humor in them but I'm feelling this game is a downer and everyone in it is an a-hole. My bike ran out of fuel and I had to run away and leave my bike in the middle of a horde, I had to find a fuel can and return to my bike which was over 400m away after finally finding fuel. This pissed me off! I couldn't recall it because I wasn't close enough to it. Really?!! I died about 6 times trying to get some deer meat for Bozzer, damn zombies!

  5. It’s funny when you hear folks talk about not understanding the “biker” life/mentality. Most “bikers” wouldn’t wear a tuxedo to their wedding Nd wouldn’t leave their friends behind just like deek didn’t. Heard a lot of reviews talking about the generic protagonist that he was and that’s not true. They kept an extremely grounded view about that lifestyle. Rode with slot of guys and most are just acquitences but my best friend on this earth is brother to me just as much as my brother who I share the same genes with. Have done and will always do some pretty extreme things for him and his own because they are family in my eyes. I think reviewers and most people in general have never had a TRUE friend like this and is why they thought the basis of this story and Deek’s relationship with Boozer wasn’t REAL. But they are plain and simple wrong

  6. Good news then on your final point the character development is fantastic to the point that you really care for them I know I can get heat for what I'm about to say, but here we go Days gone in my opinion handle character development much better than RDR2 yup I said it, not only that the game is underrated as fuck,in fact I think this is the only game on metacritic that the user score is much higher than the " critics" score great game period

  7. I never played the game, I got sucked into the storyline just watching my boyfriend play. But when you say it's a forgetful game and wouldn't play again, ehhh I have a hard time playing any game I beat again. Even when I really enjoy the game, doing a second play through doesn't grab my attention since I already know the story. I know the story for days, so I wouldn't play it now, but I wouldn't say the story was forgettable. Maybe 1 or 2 years from now, shit, I can't remember the story of The Last Of Us.

    you can't carry more than 6 rifle rounds because they are too heavy
    you park your bike and walk 20 meters to the mission trigger, AND IT PUTS YOU BACK ON YOUR BIKE and does a cutscene (because creeping up would be STRATEGIC and that is not allowed)
    Animals you have shot and are tracking randomly vanish because you finally got within 10 feet
    the toon just stands there until he gets swarmed when you try to get on the bike… for no reason at all
    You damage the bike if you jump it because it is not meant for being driven
    Fire Axes disintegrate after 4 creatures because… well… Thats what fire Axes do.
    Gasoline can not be used for Molotovs because it must not be able to burn
    Quick save and then flip a coin to see if you still have meat, plants and pipebombs
    A 2003 Honda Goldwing gets 38.8 Miles per Gallon… this THING cant even go 3 kilometers
    It takes a gallon of kerosene to fill ONE 12 oz bottle
    Missions are like playing cutscenes. You have to do it the games way or you lose.
    Mission Areas? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So much for Open Ended Play Like You Want To
    And that is just off the top of my head… there are a lot more very idiotic things about this less than competent dog.
    Too bad I paid so much for it… now I have to see if it EVER stops sucking.

  9. This is a major advance in video games! It has everything, scary horde encounters, character development, and a great story all in one. Whoever rated this lower than RDR2 or fucking lame ass Spiderman had to be paid off.

  10. I like the game, it has all that I like about games. I’m not burnt out on this genre. I appreciate the honest opinion of course.

  11. Honestly. I have been playing it a few hours now. Haven't had the chance until now, needless to say. The game does have soul, its full of activity, you never know what to expect, literally. It came a long way from what it was, and in my opinion the story, the way the main character is and how he was hasn't changed much. You are not a heartless bounty hunter. And it's not gta. Everyopen world game are going to have similarities. And if you put your mind too it you can come up with a "This came from that" out of anything. Its a wonderful game, have not beaten it yet myself, but I know I am going too. This game is more then I thought it was gonna be myself. I give it 5star.

  12. I wish I could say only 5 spoilers and 1 prick spoiling the game for the ppl that haven't played the game but instead, I have to say 5 episodes jam-packed with spoilers and 1 prick that is persistent on spoiling the game for ppl lucky for me I've already beaten the game and lucky for me I'm gonna disable replies to my comment so I don't have to see any negativity

  13. Would like to see dlc where if u kill humans they turn to freakers after leaving them on ground for an in-game day. Would create hordes if left un attended

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