5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn't Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2


5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn't Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2

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5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2

After the positive reception to my last Detroit Become Human video, I decided to do some more digging to see what other little details I could find.

Before we continue though I have a couple of warnings, firstly and most importantly, this video will contain spoilers for Detroit Become Human so please tread carefully. Secondly, I would highly advise watching part 1 of this video before watching this one. With that out of the way, lets continue.

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5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2
5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2
5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2
5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2
5 Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice In Detroit: Become Human – Part 2

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  1. 5:06 he doesn't have to know that alice is an android. The word childe is gender neutral so it kinda makes sens

  2. In 2:05 how could that family not tell that Kara is AX400 on the bus stop when they used to own AX400

  3. Connors model number an Easter egg put in by Bryan Dechart, 313 for the Detroit area code 248 for Michigan and 517 for his birthday

  4. Another small one I noticed. In the stage before you go to the bus station as Kara, they walk past a cinema, right when she picks up the gun. If you look at the movies playing at the cinema, "Heavy Rain" is a movie shown as playing at the cinema

  5. Oh. Poo I thought Alice's drawing of herself with her head/temple splatting out blood was from all the abuse/ violence she had been going through from TODD.

  6. With Conor, if you chose to not chase Kara and Alice on the road, you'll have the opportunity to ask Hank why he stopped you. If you do this, Conor will say "when we were chasing the deviantS" meaning that Alice is also a deviant

  7. Wouldn’t that family have recognized the Kara model when she approached them since they had her as a helping android it seems

  8. Ik I’m very late but when you play as Kara and Markus and use mind palace (R2) you would see messed up scrambled lines but when you play as Connor you can see a perfect squared grid

  9. Start of the video: This video will contain spoilers!
    Me who’s played the game about twenty times now: oh no!

  10. Another thing about zlatko is he said he supports deviants but has Luther and says he helped him

  11. How does the family not realize that Kara is an android? They obviously owned an AX400 before. A change of clothes and hair is all you need to be unnoticeable? Then again, Clark Kent just puts on glasses and all of a sudden no one knows he's superman, so….

  12. I noticed the picture in the treasure chest at the start of the game but brushed it off until I found out the truth about Alice, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this.

  13. When I first saw this game, I immediately knew that the child looked nothing like Alice but I didn't think much about it

  14. This is for part 3. When you are playing as connor and you are going up the elevator with hank at the tower incident chapter he will get your coin and at one point in the chapter you will see him trying to do the tricks connor usually does with it

  15. When Kara was being sold in the store, I saw in my first play through that the girl with baby Oliver was there. She was with another boy. Could she be cheating? 😱😱😱

  16. There is a special conversation in the chapter Jericho, if you didn’t push leo than Carl dies and someone speaks about him dying
    One last thing
    If you don’t open Alice’s box you don’t unlock the option to talk to Todd about his story at the end of the game (if he is alive)

    If you stand around for 12 minutes ( after talking to truck android) Alice will start sneezing and you automatically get the ending called Alice is too cold
    Edit: this part only completed one part of the flowchart
    When I say this is a secret ending I mean this is way to get the car ending

  18. Here's another one:

    Kamski tells Hank and Connor that when two androids meethttps://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=AxtZuXx_Yg9l81ZS&u=/watch?v=5GwHBds3XoQ&feature=em-lbrm eachother they get an emotional shock and 'break a wall'. They become deviant and Kara 'broke a wall and

  19. Alice would've bled when the LED was taken out. If you read the book when Connor is waiting for Hank it says that they have a removable LED. I don't think they would advertise you could do that if it would cause intense bleeding.

  20. in the mission were Markus needed to find a spare part
    after getting shot by cops
    you will notice that there is a broken Kara. How? well you'll need a audio procesor to hear her singing in Japanese

  21. When you first use Kara, a little girl with a blonde hair in a pink and aqua jacket looks at her. When you first use Markus at the park you can see her running to a black female Android and hugs it. Idk just playing the game again and saw it.

  22. If you go into the bathroom at Jimmy’s Bar you can see Connor check himself out in the mirror

  23. He still didn’t mention that as Markus before and after you wake up Carl if you play the piano you can play Kara’s theme it’s the intimate optioning you do it after you wake up Carl

  24. The second time I played was when I noticed zalactos hand. Sorry butchered his name. I also noticed the photo during my second play through

  25. It was easy to mistake him as Todd because there's so many fat evils in this game.
    I've counted at least 6 fat evil dudes, in the game.

  26. Why is the convenience store cashier an asshole for not helping Kara? Did you expect him to give her 40 dollars out of his own pocket? He certainly can't take the money out of the register and give it to Kara. A security camera is aimed at the area with the register so his superiors would know. His hands are tied on the matter.

  27. When Markus first come to Jerycho you can hear song in the background, its the same song Markus can sing in the last chapter

  28. I did open the box. Though later in the game, I killed Todd. He was such a scumbag after all.

  29. So that family had a Kara android and they didn’t even notice that the real Kara was an android too? Or that she happened to look like the one they previously owned?
    Todd still recognized them.

  30. Glitch Ending:
    Connor becomes deviant and Hank commits suicide
    Simon Is Dead by Connor
    Markus Is Violent
    When Markus needs to detonate bomb, just stay in the hallway until death.
    Have Connor detonate bomb, but die when he is running with North.
    Connor will stay deviant for when he visits Hank, and when he is in the church. However, he will be android when North starts the revolution.

  31. Also, Alice never ate throughout the whole game, even rejecting Kara offering her cookies inside house in the amusement park.

    Maybe that's why he called her an it.

  33. The hair on the lady in the bus station and the android are parted on different sides. I doubt they are the same person

  34. I didn’t know the twist with Flatco (am I typing that right? I haven’t played the full game yet), and I thought the detail was he was looking at Kara’s chest when she takes her coat off.

  35. alice did not get hee side picece removed because when everyone is in jarico she revels the chip and sorry about the spelling

  36. An easter egg in chapter "Waiting for Hank…" is that if you watch a video and pause it at the correct timing you can see a file about Carl Manfred


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