8 Ways To Tell If A Femme Girl Is A Lesbian

8 Ways To Tell If A Femme Girl Is A Lesbian

How can you tell if a girl is gay? A lot of times you will hear about short hair, style etc, but in reality these are just stereotypes that don’t always apply. So how can you tell if a not stereotypically queer looking woman is lesbian or bi?

In this video we discuss 8 ways you can find out, based on our experiences.

Please do share your own advice and tips in comments, we all know this can be a tricky one 😉

**Also, we use the word “lesbian” mostly for SEO purposes – what we mean is anyone gay, bi, on the queer spectrum.**

Thank you for watching and for all of the support! We love you!

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  1. Soo, now that we've shared our 2 cents, what are some ways in which you've figured out if a femme is queer or not? Do share! ??

  2. 7:20 I plain love flirting and my boyfriend, not the fact they are incompatible…I am bi curious at most.

  3. Ask her if she have seen the She-Ra Netflix series, and if she likes it. I do, and like it, even when i were not gay, i would like it

  4. I thought a girl was very into me and she has very flirtatious and sexual humor, but then she told me, and I quote, "I would never make out with you though." ? And now I'm like ?????? But every time we interact I feel extreme attraction. I'm not sure if she's denying it or if I'm just desperate.

  5. I'm on the country side in France, and it's been hard to meet people since i'm here ! And when i do, if i'm interested and it's a woman, i really don't never been able to Ask them cause i was afraid… Your advices are not Bad.. thanks

  6. Blue is the warmest color, treated their actors horribly and made them really uncomfortable.

  7. Then there are those straight ones who kisses other girls when drunk … I've been so confused by that soooooo many times! And my vibe or "gaydar" has been off so many times because of those moment when you're both drunk.

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