A day in the life of a UT Dallas student (Spring 2018) | That Indian Guy


A day in the life of a UT Dallas student (Spring 2018) | That Indian Guy

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  1. Can we watch the full version of it? Because I liked your style there and way of presentation. I want to watch the whole presentation.
    Nice English, I liked it

  2. I think you should've highlighted some positive things about India as well. Apart from the crowded trains or dirty slums. Of course,there are good and bad sides to every country in the world.

  3. Hi.. I am an Indian and I am planning to do my MS in Economics.. from UT Dallas.. But don't know. What are the scopes? Please please let me know..

  4. Your English dude🙆🏻‍♂️ please let me know how can I get that much fluency to talk in English… I'm kinda so dumb yuk

  5. Your accent doesnt suits u well yaar sach ma jayada hi fake lagte ho tum accent ma india ma aise mat bolna warna u know what would happen😂😂😂

  6. Actually its because of Modern British sepoy agents like you who still worship the caste system and support OBC quota. If you wanted India to progress, you will stop worshipping this caste system and promoting this divisive British agenda. The guy in this video is only interested in highlighting the negatives of India to his Western university audience

  7. Very good presentation…very informative and without any bull shit drama and over acting…love ur videos

  8. Is the crowded trains the Indian culture..? There are innumerable positive things that you could have started your video with if you wanted to show the huge number of Indians everywhere.. for eg the great Kumbh mela, etc..

  9. dude wth , u r doing the exact same thing what Hollywood does while portraying India. I really hoped u'd show the advances that we have made rather than those typical outdated 3rd world problems.


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