Abu!ing the kids prank|| Prank #5|| gacha life


Abu!ing the kids prank|| Prank #5|| gacha life

if you don’t understand why Archie started to cry it’s because he felt bad that he made her think about her past. He forgot about her past and is sorry that she has to live through it again but he still wants to move on with the prank!

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  1. For all of you saying I shouldn’t of posted it and that this is nothing to joke about that it may hurt people. I understand where you are coming from, I myself come from a house hold like that. So it was even hard for me to post it but i had many fans that wanted me to post it. So I did no matter how much it hurt me. Yes I know “I shouldn’t post things if it hurts me too” but I’m sorry if it hurts you in anyway I didn’t mean it like that I was just doing it to make fans happy because I know some fans only have Gacha life to escape to when somethings going on some of them have more things going on then just this and use Gacha life to get away from reality. I really hope you understand I’m sorry and that it even hurt me In a way to post it but I will not be deleting it any time soon. 💞💞and if you are going to hate now because of this video please click off my channel, it would mean a lot if all you are going to do is hate. I hope everyone has a good day/afternoon/night I love you all💕✌️

  2. Personally this might affect people in a bad way and I don't think this joke is appropriate. Please keep in mind stuff like this is NOT a prank. No hate intended.

  3. Listen, this isn't funny. This isn't cute. This isn't some sort of joke. This shouldn't even be a prank- or a video for that matter. "If you don't like it, leave my video!" No! This is LITERAL CHILD ABUSE!! TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN. This is gross.

  4. Can i get a shout out plsss my YouTube name is Itz_Sûñ Rãy QwQ btw your videos are cool tho

  5. I’m such a good actor UwU and also, DAMN MOMMA BOTH OF YALL YELLED AT ME😂 imma bad child >:3


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