ALEX HONNOLD BOULDERING – [chile, usa, indoor]

ALEX HONNOLD BOULDERING – [chile, usa, indoor]

Uno de los mejores escaladores, Alex Honnold escalando bouders en distintas partes del mundo.

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  1. ✅✅Descarga GRATIS el ebook gratuito, DIETA PARA ESCALADORES, donde aprenderás que alimentos consumir para MEJORAR en la escalada ??

  2. Alex, I appreciate how you do not impose limits on yourself. I appreciate that you are willing to train for years to meet and Realize your Goal. 3 of 4 limbs grounded and the other reaching for the Stars.
    No limits. All Glory. .
    Keep Believing..

  3. At first I was thinking he's going way too slow for hard bouldering, and then I realized "Oh he just doesn't get pumped and I suck at climbing."

  4. Yup. Definitely a pro climber! Great angles and body position. Keeps his hips and weight into the wall. Excellent footwork and smooth movement. Even though bouldering isn’t his specialty it’s always great to see world class athletes doing their thing.

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