[Alex Spider Endgame] trailer

[Alex Spider Endgame] trailer

Disclaimer: I don’t own any audio or Alex spider clips shown in this video all credits belong to their rightful owners.
(Story description): 2 weeks after the snap flash and Anders has been lost in space after the beam of light enter slips space and destroyed the U.S.S ODIN while trying to escape the cataclysmic event but to no prevail all crew members and combatants and the ship are declared lost with all hands but founded by the U.S.S sky-bound a week later. on the ground after witnessing the destruction and loss of life Alex and his team and last remaining friends must deal with the consequences after operation shock and awe they are the final stand against master hand and his ever growing power over the whole galaxy after the u.s.s sky-bound rescues Flash and Anders they meet up with Alex spider and his friends at a secret location away from master hand to create a plan so dangerously crazy that it just might work to bring back the fallen and to defeat master hand.



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