American Graffiti


American Graffiti

Showcasing then-Hollywood-newcomers Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard, director George Lucas weaves together the stories of a disparate group of teenagers as they struggle with adolescent rites of passage in 1962.




  1. Milner vs Falfa is the best part in the whole movie the first race especially cuz that 55 210 with the 454 and custom headers can be heard!

  2. Saw this when I was a kid in maybe the 90s I connected with it right away. For new viewers to get the feel of this movie you really have to watch it later at night.

  3. First off this picture makes me want to dance & R-O-C-K before I even hear the first line of dialogue, or see the first character.

  4. This era isn’t dead we all listen and wish we lived in the 60’s when we are alone in the house

  5. It took a while but I figured it out.
    There are 3 characters of George Lucas.

    Terry the 'Toad' is George as a High School (a Nerd)
    John Milner is George as a Race Car Driver (Until he crashed and was almost killed.True Story)
    Curtis is George as a College bound student (USC film school student)

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  7. best rock & roll movie !!!!! my all time favorite number one movie !!! truly rock & roll story all the cars the music fits perfect !!!! best music era !!!!!!

  8. Why the fuck won’t this cast onto my tv piece of shit. Love this movie but pissed at youtube

  9. When was this on broadcast tv the last time? Icant remeberwhen .now you have to pay for everyrhing .o can spell bullshit with the best even you rich S.o.b.S

  10. LOVE this film… Saw it at the Drive-in, when it first came out..Perfect evening, a really
    special weekend….

  11. I'm 56 years old now and at the time I lived in Modesto California where this movie was based. I lived in Modesto when I had first seen it was in the eighth grade I believe brings back a lot of memories. Kind of takes your mind off all the nonsense going on today!

  12. all this movies are the best I have seen . but some are more like mostly what I deed when I waS a young teenaget..

  13. Min 12:23 "Becky's Pizza…Infra-red on the stethoscope? You must have the wrong number partner" Thats George Lucas on the radio crank call.

  14. was watching an interview of George Lucas with Charlie Rose and he said Francis Ford Coppola bet him he could not make a comedy. It is a fascinating interview, here is the link.

  15. Chuck Berry, the Platters, Bobby Freeman, the Five Satins, Junior Walker, Fats Domino, the Crows…who says this is an all-white movie?


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