AMSR Roleplay: Bubbly Friend (drunk friend confession)


AMSR Roleplay: Bubbly Friend (drunk friend confession)

When I’m drunk I get very giggly and I always found drunk confessions to be funny and cute so I thought I give it a try. Don’t worry I wasn’t actually drunk when I made this. Let me know what you think I love ALL types of feedback so please comment on your thoughts!

Man does it feel good to get back into making videos! I missed you guys so much! Now that I’m back in my office I have a howl bunch of videos waiting for you and I cant wait to upload them and hear what you think. I’ll be trying to get back to my normal upload schedule so bear with me for a little longer on your favorite stories.

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  1. Really nice acting! Also the artwork fits perfectly, as a faceless character it represents all of us (your subscribers) and that is just awesome !


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