Anime Convention Haul! ♡ Anime North & Yeti Con 2019


Anime Convention Haul! ♡ Anime North & Yeti Con 2019

This is LONGG overdue to be posted! BUT I still want to share some of my pick ups from a few cons I went to last year 💖✨

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  1. Awesome haul. I haven’t seen your videos recently, so your change really caught me off guard. Congrats, you look good.

  2. The pin badges that you got are super cute! What is their instagram?, I want to check it out.

  3. I really like the quality if your videos!! Your commentary is really nice- I think if you saved up for (if you aren't thinking about it already) a better camera it would only increase the quality of your hauls/reviews tenfold and probably help bring in more views too! Regardless I really love your hauls, they're always really entertaining to watch and get me really hyped for my next con!


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