Aviators – Open Your Eyes (MLP Song)

Aviators – Open Your Eyes (MLP Song)

A while back, I had mentioned on my Twitter that I was really inspired and wanted to make a song about the season 3 finale. Well, here it is! This is a song from the perspective of Twilight trying to show her friends who they’re supposed to be, breaking the spell.

This is my first exclusively brony-themed song in a while, from my album “Mirrors.” It’s about Twilight’s struggle to restore her friends’ destinies, and reverse the spell she mistakenly cast.

The Album:

Vocal Stem:


The art was provided by Mixi, an amazing artist:

I watched them change before my eyes
Destinies rearranged to my surprise
I tried so hard to make amends
But my mistake has separated my friends
White turned to blue, and blue to white
Harmony rewritten out of sight
What can I do to bring you back
My technicolor world has faded to black

Wake up now and see the truth
I’m here to show the world to you
The way it was meant to be
So follow your destiny
This twisted future isn’t right
Let’s bring the real you to the light
I’m going to make you realize
So open your eyes

I’ve made mistakes and failed before
But somehow this time it’s something more
Broken your life and who you are
I’m afraid I’ve left a terrible scar
But apologies won’t save me now
It’s up to me to restore you somehow
I’ll bring you back your memories
piece by piece restoring harmony

I’ve got to find a way
To make this all okay
I’ve got to find a way
To fix my own mistake
Oh, but I promise to succeed
But I know you’re still in need
I know you have been misused
And you’re probably confused
But there’s not much I can do
The cure is within you
So hold on tight
And open your eyes



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  1. 7 years.
    For 7 years I heard this song and loved it every time. This song was my true introduction to the Brony fandom. Thanks aviators. I will forever continue to listening to this song and more of your music.

  2. there are opposite ends to each coin in the Elements of Archaic Alchemy; for Alchemistry, Unbelief. for Truth, Mystery. for Heart, Hoarding. for Connection, Separation. for Devotion, Betrayal. for Mercy, Cruelty. for Charity, Loathing. for Wisdom, Ignorance. for Integrity, Dread. each cannot be without the other, or there's no function to either end of the coin.

  3. Me when I saw the mlp movie had a song named Open Up Your Eyes No, they wouldn't use a fansong… would they?

  4. Again no words except tumbler and Devin art. Not the best memories. But whether or not I forgive who ever wronged me. Not for them for me. I'm ammuned to such things now. I'm awake blessed and I e will make me whole again.

  5. My brain just popped this song up and all I could remember at first was a bit of the melody and "I'm here to show the world to you"…. Searching that line was giving me a wrestler's theme. Thought the line was "come with me and see the truth" as details started popping in…. So glad I found this

  6. Listening to it now again after so many years. It gives me supernatural vibes like the show supernatural. But it still an amazing song.

  7. It's now 2019 and I randomly remembered this song so I started listening to it and I got recommendations for all the brony songs I use to always listen to. The fandom has changed so much since I've been away from it for a while.

  8. this song has gotten me through times of need. The line "i know youve been misused and your probably confused" hits me hard and makes me believe everything going to be alright and than someone will always be there. So thank you so much Aviators for bringing songs like this for people like me. It helps regulate feelings that allow me to function properly. Thank you very much. I hope your life goes very well!!

  9. Me:* arrives for the songs of dark souls *

    Also me:* stays by the songs of my little pony *

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