Awkward Naked Snuggling for Warmth | Naked and Afraid


Awkward Naked Snuggling for Warmth | Naked and Afraid

The nights are long and cold during the 21-Day survival challenge. One of the best ways to combat the elements is to snuggle, but not all partners are comfortable. |

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  1. Every female is cold until they feel the mans body parts arise, then they looking at you like what's your problem.

  2. Haha…I'm trying to find that one episode totally opposite of this one….I think one of them was gay but they cuddled like they were gonna hook up…the girl was a lesbian…I swear they were gonna make out…anyone remember which episode season?

  3. I think she was having diarrea all day, maybe that's why he did',t want to spoon her. I would have washed her butt off and held onto that skinny little body for dear life!

  4. if he did spoon her from behind she would have opened her Venus fly trap and taken him in a second as nature would take over..cant believe it did not happen

  5. she is so sexy does somebody know her name full name that is and if she has a social media page.

  6. If he was doing this to her, for sure he would have been banned from the show for sexual harassment and even going to jail for raping her square azz

  7. Obviously he does not want to get a boner and possibly be subject to a sexual harassment accusation later on.

  8. This show needs to be renamed, " Naked and Complain" also with all these idiots commenting of raping her, or in their words sliding it in would end up with a dick infection. Girls, stay away from these guys. Their dick is dirtier than feces covered vomit.

  9. She probably see the size of that limp d and imagine when it’s full of blood , I know girl that’s tempting 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Just like a white director to cast a gay black guy on this show. So he won't bang the white women.

  11. More like mandingo and afraid of miley cyrus looking ass!! I would've said fuck it r u warm yet? Lol

  12. That man was from india.. i know one thing about india men.. they cant control there dick.. dont know how he did.. but hats off to your patience man..


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