Baseball videos that will make you miss baseball ??

Baseball videos that will make you miss baseball ??

We miss baseball season don’t we?!

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  1. last year i quit baseball so i could focus on working on a career in robotics engineering. i am now regretting that decision.

  2. The Bryce Harper one was funny because actually only had 1 good year and that gone run at the end was one of the homeruns if that one good year

  3. Ok Man U need to read this! Please stop posting videos with zero credit given. First u did not ask any of these content creators if u were ok with you posting their videos. 2nd you didn’t tag any of there accounts. 3rd you have edited out there names. Mine is at 5:10 and I’m trying to run a business here. If you post another video of me with out credit I will copy right they video and have it removed. First time I have actually found my content on YouTube.

  4. Hitting under lights is so true I was so bad in my first game of a doubleheader then the second game under lights I hit two doubles and a ding dong

  5. I liked the video and subscribed as soon as I saw the Astros picture with targets on all their faces

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