[Behind the Scenes] Hyun Bin’s broad shoulders are put to good use | Crash Landing on You [ENG SUB]

[Behind the Scenes] Hyun Bin’s broad shoulders are put to good use | Crash Landing on You [ENG SUB]

A behind-the-scenes look at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s swoony kiss outside the hospital, Son Ye-jin’s finger hearts for our favorite 5th Company Privates, and more! Bonus: Hyun Bin practicing the piano against the beautiful backdrop of Switzerland.

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  1. I love how American bloopers are just cobbled together at the end with unclear parts no one can understand, and then there are these amazingly edited things…

  2. Just finished the series today and went straight to YouTube for BTS and I must say, it was delightful to watch these magnificent actor(s) and actress(s) perform.

  3. Vote for both of them on tiktok app. Search baeksang.official, tap the link in its bio, find and vote HB and SYJ

  4. I'm 33yo and never watched Kdrama before. I started watching The World of the Married Couple on April because everyone is talking about it everywhere. After watching, I hate Kdrama even more because I couldn't relate to the drama because perhaps it's a marriage-themed drama and I'm single. ? I started to hate kdrama even more than before. My bestfriend who knows that I'm so pissed off of Kdrama suggested me to recover my hate by watching CLOY. I followed her advise and look at me now, I'm healed from the hatred and hooked by the CLOY plots and stars especially Ri and Seri. I started looking for more information about them outside the scenes. Thanks to CLOY actors esp both Hyun Bin and Se Jin. You guys delivered such great chemistry on screen that can make a kdrama hater love kdrama ?

  5. Set the video quality to 720p, speed x 0.25 and up the brightness of your cell phone. Watch it from 3:30 to 3:41, It is not HB hand those are YJ hands.

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  9. My girlfriend introduced me to this series, I hesitated at first, but when I started watching, I watched it on marathon mode, by episode 12 I didn't want the series to end. Best K series and best couple.

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