Best Lesbian wedding with vows | She Cries!!!

Best Lesbian wedding with vows | She Cries!!!

Lesbian Weddings | Including Vows

On June 16, 2016 two best friends were married. We spent 6 years together before we were married and had our up and downs, mostly ups until we finally decided that there would be no more girlfriend but we would become united as one. (but still two) Please enjoy this lesbian wedding video. As we express our love through our vows. #Lesbianweddings

Lesbian wedding including vows

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  1. Subscribe to our channel… WE POST DAILY VIDEOS!!! To everyone who has something negative to say and who believes that we dont know God, here is proof. Watch this and please take a seat.

  2. Just watched your wedding went through a quarter box of tissues because it was just so beautiful including ya'll son in the joining the ya'll vows and the venue was gorgeous.

  3. I know that's people have problems with two females getting married because God but a man and woman on earth in the beginning but for me I don't care I love you guys keep strong some straight people are married and don't even last a years and you guys have known each other over 9 years and been together over 6 years

  4. Wow this so beautiful I'm crying right now it's nothing like true love so happy for you both love y'all and God bless your family ?

  5. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️! Some people spend a whole lifetime searching for what you two have. Yeah I'm teary eyed!!

  6. I watched this a while ago and watching it again now! I am crying with tears everytime,love u tash and Steph

  7. Watching this in 2020, binge watching all y'all videos, and this made me tear up, Steph such a beautiful bride n Tash you looked amazing

  8. Wow, I just watched your wedding & it was simply beautiful!❤ This is such an emotional time in my life right now. I cried my eye's out as I watched it! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.❤

  9. Just recently discovered them on YouTube. I was going through their videos and came across this video. You can definitely see they love one another and that’s all that matters! Congratulations to the two of you ?

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