Best of America’s Ass

Best of America’s Ass

Enjoy this montage of Captain America’s best booty moments from throughout the marvel movies. From Captain America: The First Avenger to Avengers …

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  1. Now I'm jealous.. My ass is nice. But it can't compete with America's ass.. Now I got to do more booty exercises. I invy you cap

  2. In endgame in the americas ass scene, I remember everybody in the theater was snickering and laughing their asses off including me and my family???

  3. Tony: Oh, Captain Rogers, I almost forgot to mention that that suit did nothing for your ass.
    Steve: No one asked yo to loom at that, Tony.
    Tony: It's totally ridiculous.
    Scott: You look great, Cap. As far as I'm concerned, that's America's ass.
    Steve: That really IS America's ass.

  4. That’s real reason Chris Evans is done with captain America’s role. Because everyone is now after that booty.

  5. What leads you to believe he does his own stunts? We are clearly looking at someone else's ass in many shots …

  6. Do I love Chris Evan's Ass?
    Would I give it a great big kiss?
    Absolutely YES!!
    Do I love this video?
    Ooh YES.

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