Blac Chyna — I'm Still Not Banging Boxer BF … 'He's A Muslim' | TMZ Sports

Blac Chyna — I'm Still Not Banging Boxer BF … 'He's A Muslim' | TMZ Sports

Blac Chyna’s still not banging her boxer/boyfriend J’Leon Love … and this time the reason for the sexual time-out is down right holy. Click ‘SHOW MORE” for related content…

Blac Chyna — Disses Tyga … Promises New Boxer BF Crazy Sex
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Blac Chyna — I’m Still Not Banging Boxer BF … ‘He’s A Muslim’ | TMZ Sports

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  1. So keep waiting Honey. He not gonna change for you. Hahahah. But she is funny thou.. I'm wadding ..???????. Muslim guys don't change for women no matter what . And that is my opinion . HahHhh

  2. She sounds like a little kid.
    You know how sometimes someone says (for example) " I'm getting the new iPhone" and then six months pass and people start asking where the phone is and they all like " I'm getting it custom made so I'm still waiting" ??????? this just made me so happy ????
    You are horrible black chyna. Like I can't

  3. she is trashy a whore why are you guys following her for her to get more famous
    be gone with the kardashians blacc cyna amber rose

  4. If she aint smashing him, she smashing some one else. A hoe is always a hoe, especially if she's a stripper and is tygas baby mama

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