Blac Chyna on the Men in Her Life & Relationship With Tokyo Toni Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

Blac Chyna on the Men in Her Life & Relationship With Tokyo Toni Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. I clicked on this thinking it would be boring but it was interesting. She's forthcoming without being raunchy

  2. She should quit cocaine n alcohol? she is otherwise a seemingly nice person. As Tyga quoted, she is a nice woman but raised wrong. Tokyo Toni is such a messy mother?

  3. Omg she’s so boring and straight faced I had to watch this video in parts to keep from nodding out ?

  4. 38:47 got me hot like really stop talking to my bitch like y'all shit dont stink her daughter is nowhere near age to even be asking that question

  5. All the work she’s gotten done looks great.. not like other celebrities with the same tired face and weirdly shaped bodies ?✨??

  6. Jason always does this he always ask a question then be like “that reminds me of this time I did XYZ” like I understand this your show but boy we dont wanna hear u talk we wanna hear the guests

  7. Black Chyna /Angela is becoming my favorite i swear!! Im not happy with the Treasure stuff, but Chyna smart, beautiful and controversial. Love this girl! Im so rooting for her!

  8. Here's my thing this woman has been called everything but Kim's on tape with a guy's dick in her mouth and is loved by a lot of people

  9. She loved tyga…..but she never loved rob that was a scam…..she definitely loved future? cause that nigga name on her for life.?

  10. I don't like the way she dress on the show, her boots are flat, and she could keep that dress
    For the red carpet, it's not appropriate for the radio. Not impressed at all. However I like
    Her as a person, and she is very ? cool, and she dresses very well, but right now I am
    Not impressed with her dressing for the radioactivity!! #verycoolperson.

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