Blake Shelton Denies Being Caught With Naked Women

Blake Shelton Denies Being Caught With Naked Women

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Blake Shelton denies being caught with naked women while married to Miranda Lambert & refuses to include any juicy tidbits about his highly publicized divorce in his new album.

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  1. maybe Blake has a lady pregnant and it's not gyen or mandrin something's fishy gossip cop where are you when this gossip hits us in the face Mr sexy man alive make baby's too

  2. no one got pregnant by Blake unless you one of the six girls mandrin talks about I'm shocked someone accuse Blake of thag

  3. Yes I think he has. what about he and the word song? She put the ex in sex…
    I don't particularly like his or Gwen's music. I think it's very childish the way they both act, Gwen n Blakes in public and on stage, and don't forget the way she through herself at him during the voice.

  4. Blake cheated with me when Gwen was out of town in Nov. I will be taking him to court to prove that the child I am carrying is his

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