Blind Reaction || RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 5


Blind Reaction || RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 5

RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 5…. let’s see how Weiss and yang end up fairing in their round together……oh, and Penny also has a match😊.

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  1. V3C5 Cliff Notes

    Penny’s teammate for the doubles round is Ciel Soleil. As Penny comments, “She’s like Blake! But if Blake was ordered to spend time with you.” Ruby’s response: “Oh! So, Weiss!!” 😏

    Ciel has a profile on Ruby: she is from Patch, and she is 15. By this you can discern that her teammates and friends are most likely 17.

    Penny wants to stay at Beacon Academy when the tournament ends, and not return to her home kingdom of Atlas, and has a plan for doing so. The ship name for Ruby and Penny is Nuts and Dolts. It’s also Lindsay Jones’ (Ruby’s VA) favorite ship.

    Weiss and Yang are paired against an Atlas Academy duo that Weiss is taken aback by as they’re so out of character for what is expected from Atlas. Flynt Coal and Neon Katt of Team FNKI.

    Flynt grills Weiss about his dad being run out of business by the Schnee Dust Company. While Weiss herself had nothing to do with it, she’s a target for his frustration simply because of who her father is.

    Ruby rolls her eyes when she sees Yang getting verbally abused by Neon. Despite how close Ruby and Yang’s bond is, one can imagine how, as siblings, Ruby probably irritated Yang plenty in the past and Ruby is more than aware of the consequences of going too far on her big sister. “Oh, here we go.”

    There are jazz versions of several soundtrack pieces you’ve heard scattered throughout the fight, including “This Will Be the Day, Mirror Mirror, and most notable, I Burn.”

    Weiss reveals a new way she’s able to use glyphs: when Flynt blows the pair back with his trumpet, she uses one to keep her footing in place and prevent herself from getting blown back like Yang was.

    Neon tries to outdo Yang in the pun category. News flash: some things just aren’t possible and you just made her angrier.

    Flynn’s Semblance is splitting into a killer quartet.

    Oobleck comments that when Weiss tackles Flynt into the lava geyser, she completely depleted her Aura. The scoreboard says 0%. When an Aura is depleted completely, attacks will do to a body what you expect they would. If Weiss was not eliminated by tournament rule, any further attacks against her could possibly be life threatening.

    Oobleck: “Ooh, looks like Yang's angry! And you wouldn't like her when she's… upset.” Were you going for maybe a DIFFERENT reference there at the end? 👀

    Your comment was accurate about Weiss and Yang not working together, but it seems like they chose to take more of a “divide and conquer” approach. Each one of them took a 1v1. Obviously when Weiss made her sacrifice play Yang had to improvise 1v2 but it also showed just how much she’s able to do on her own when the stakes rose.

    Cinder has been going through the documents she gained access to via Ironwood’s scroll and just stumbled on the blueprints for Penny. She mentions this will make things even easier for them, whatever their plan is.

    Qrow and Ozpin discuss Ironwood’s actions and how reckless they seem. Qrow also drops a clue here to the character Ironwood is based on: “Sometimes I’m not even sure he has a heart.”

    Qrow asks Ozpin if he’s chosen his guardian yet. Ozpin merely states that maidens choose themselves and he believes he’s found the right candidate.
    At the same time, Pyrrha gets in the elevator to Ozpin’s office.

    Quote Reminder you asked for:
    “A guardian is a symbol of comfort. An army is a symbol of conflict. There’s an energy in the air now, a question in everyone’s minds… if this is the size of our defenses, then what is it we’re expecting to fight?” – Professor Ozpin, V3C3.

  2. "A guardian is a symbol of comfort. But an army is a symbol of conflict" – Ozpin
    Is the quote you looking for Billy.

  3. The score for this fight is called RWBY vs FNKI and is one of my favorite pieces of music on all the soundtracks.

  4. Qrow on Ironwood: "Sometimes I don't even think he has a heart". Putting a REALLY fine point on that reference there…

    Neon Katt's glowstick nunchucks are about my second favorite weapon in all of RWBY. She even "cracks" them to activate them. As the elements of the character design beyond the base inspiration are of her being a club kid/raver girl it's so totally appropriate and that makes it awesome.

    Ciel is clearly the "handler" for Penny keeping her from wandering off and getting into trouble as she has been wont to do.

  5. The voice of qrow is a super famous voice actor but rooster teeth and other places let him go after his sexual assault scandal although he won trail looks like he was innocent and seems like a good guy from what I’ve seen.what I think people need to realize is that the reason they let him go was for business it’s bad for business to have someone who was at some point accused of sexual assault even if he’s found innocent it’s sad but very much the truth.And his name is Vic Miniana I think I butchered the last name

  6. Yeah penny and ruby is called nuts and dolts lol, they are adorable friends.

    Surprisingly enough i think weiss and yang work alright together even if they both have faults in their team work. At least now you know weiss is willing to sacrafice herself now for her team mates

    Nope thats just neon kat (cat?) Shes annoyingly annoying.

  7. You are now at the very top of the roller coaster. Buckle up 😊 The next episode has a LOT of important information, just so you're prepared. (It's also really, really good, one of my favorites.)
    And yeah, I agree, Yang and Weiss weren't that impressive here. We know they're capable of much better. (Weiss did get some fancy glyph moves in though.)

  8. And so the opening moves in this grand game of chess are played. White's defense is ready but black has the tempo.

  9. Nuts and Dolts, I think. There's a lot of ship names. She's not Rainbow Dash, she's Nyancat. Loredump incoming…

  10. Neon Katt's constant insulting is based on an actual combat strategy. Basically, you make your opponent so mad that they stop thinking about their actions so it's easier to outsmart them.

    Also, If you're curious.

    Flynt Coal and Neon Katt are based off of memes. Flynt Coal is based off of an Achievement Hunter meme, and Neon Katt is based off of a certain flying cat with a poptart body.

  11. Flynt Coal isn’t a fable he’s a reference to Achievement Hunter which is a Rooster Teeth channel


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