Bodycam Footage Of Naked Woman Stealing Police Truck


Bodycam Footage Of Naked Woman Stealing Police Truck

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The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office released body camera footage Thursday of the encounter between a deputy and a naked woman, later identified as Lisa Luna, accused of stealing his patrol truck. MCSO said she led them on a chase along Interstate 8. The body camera footage shows the deputy greet the naked woman — Luna — and go retrieve a blanket. When he returns, the video shows her sitting in the front seat of his patrol truck. In the video, the deputy tries to stop the suspect from driving away and is partially dragged. The MCSO footage also shows him using another citizen’s car to chase after her. Luna was arrested and is being held pending multiple charges, She gave her first interview from jail on Monday saying she felt like she was possessed.

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  1. They're both dumbasses. Never trust ANYONE.
    💙🇺🇸 I'm sad Blue but I forgive you 💙🇺🇸

  2. Lured in by a nice pair of boobies. Tsk tsk. You’re fellow officers are gonna be giving you crap for awhile man.

  3. See how she moved, first behind truck, then she’s peering threw the window while he looked for something to cover her, next shot, she’s inside the truck. 🤣 some Ring shit


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