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  2. Hello neighbor! California at least! I must say that i was blown away that you have filmed, edited and uploaded your videos all by yourself! I truly thought how lucky those camera men are to be filming you! Strangely, to me, that is the most impressive thing about you! Hit me up next time you're driving through San Luis Obispo county and ill take you to lunch at In-N-Out, they have great buns too!!!! Ciao……

  3. Bryan I love the island. I cry a lot…not always in sadness though. It comes with time and wisdom. I like your bum…more importantly…from one famous person to another (I'm using a pseudonym) I like you> you never fail to bring me joy> xoxo

  4. +Bryan HawnExcellent tune. Visually entrancingy. Greetings from NYC. Question do you have any club tunes with a really heavy baseline? Would like like to hear your voice in that genre as I think you've most certainly the prowess for it and so much more. Wishing you success I the new year. Keep up the great work. Ciao

  5. GGOAAALLSS! Your voice, body and everything about you! I really hope you keep on succeeding in what you love doing!

  6. You are one of the sexiest guys out there. I love your eyes and lips they just draw me into you and keep tied to the music until the very end. I mean you ass is amazing as well but I am sure that you already have been told that a lot. Keep up the good work I truly enjoy listening to you sing and you videos.

  7. OMFG!!! Bryan, this song is awesome!!! if it was in the record stores, i`d buy a copy!! the vocals are truly mind blowing!!! thank you so much for sharing my dear friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!


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