Bubblegum K.K. by K.K. Slider (Cover)

Bubblegum K.K. by K.K. Slider (Cover)

A loopable arrangement cover of Bubblegum K.K. by K.K. Slider (Kazumi Totaka) using in game instruments.

Sounds featured by game:
– Ocarina (ACNH)
– Electric Bass (ACNH)
– Drums (ACNH)
– Vibraphone (ACNL) represented by Marimba
– Violin (ACNH)

Instruments not shown:
– Upright Piano (ACNH)
– Tambourine (ACNH)

We didn’t have a few instruments in New Horizons yet, but hoping to get more soon!
Let us know what song you want to hear next! C:

Stay safe everyone and we hope you enjoy!
Thank you so much for watching.

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