butt enlargement ✧ subliminal

butt enlargement ✧ subliminal

♡hey, I’m maia. welcome to my channel! here you’ll find various safe + effective subliminal audios. i’m not currently taking requests, but feel free to leave any sub ideas and suggestions in the comments! Please read the desc. carefully before asking any questions, everything listed in the benefits is in the affirmations♡

㋡ benefits of this audio:

❥ an extremely big, large, massive, huge, colossal, gigantic, fat, thick butt
❥ equally large, symmetrical butt cheeks
❥ plump, full butt cheeks
❥ a heart shaped butt
❥ a full, toned, firm, bouncy, soft, smooth butt
❥ your ideal butt size
❥ your butt is the epitome of thicc
❥ your big butt is proportional to the rest of your body and compliments you very well
❥ flawless, hairless butt free from any imperfections
❥ cellulite + stretch mark free butt
❥ butt constantly gets bigger and gains more and more fat
❥ people are shocked by how big your butt is, they question if it’s even real
❥ butt looks extremely big in all clothes you wear, it always looks thick
❥ sexy, alluring, beautiful butt
❥ wide, round hips that compliment your butt
❥ self love & gratitude for your big butt

~this has 2 slightly sped layers~

old unlisted version of this sub:

☾notes & tips:
✧ listen at least 1 hour per day (more or less is fine)
✧ 30-60% volume
✧ headphones recommended, but not a requirement
✧ only positive, present tense affirmations
✧ no negative words (no, don’t, can’t, doesn’t, etc.)
✧ no binaural beats or frequencies
✧ unisex unless stated otherwise
✧ you need to know basic English
✧ belief, trust, and detachment will benefit you
✧ made with love

♡good luck!♡



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