Chappelle's Show – Hip-Hop News – Wu-Tang Torture

Chappelle's Show – Hip-Hop News – Wu-Tang Torture

Method Man and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan take a spiked bat and heated hanger to Tron Carter.

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  1. I'm a middle eastern, and I'm very intrigued to know why it is Ok for a black man to do a white face, but not ok for a white man to do a black face!

  2. Why black people can paint their face white and whitie people can't paint their face black???

  3. NOW Imagine if a white guy would make a black face and sit there and act a fool in actted up news show? how that would m,ake you feel?

  4. We're going to stop this crazy s*** there's no place for this in my America.? oh wait a minute I'm black man.

  5. Lmao, just by looking at Chappelle like that and not even heard a word from him, i was cracking already, ahahahahah

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