China Ripple Payment Testing Is Confirmed!!

China Ripple Payment Testing Is Confirmed!!


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  1. try to look on Electroneum they have actual POS depolyment and online website used ETN instant payment also used in mobile apps payment….

  2. Probably more like hong kong.. which even though it is a part of china (since 1997) it's sorta a different political culture and they can do things different from mainland china for now if i'm not mistaken
    That being said..XRP to the moon still !!

  3. the moment he said " China is very communist", i stopped watching . this guy doesnt know anything about global economics.

  4. This is a revolution happening right before our eyes. So glad to be a part of it. Stop worrying about the price. Enjoy this beautiful journey that you can tell your grandchildren about how you were part of the history.

  5. Not sure if you’ve talked
    About this but I was randomly reading a few articles the other day. It lead me to Chainlink (link) crypto home page. Then i read that they were working with
    Swift. Either way just thought I’d share. May be old news.

  6. 38,000% from speculation only. Now… Imagine this: 38,000% from Utility PLUS speculation on top of that… I believe 38,000% is far too conservative

  7. “Cryptos will be used as a conduit to replace Fiat eventually”….That is the hidden gem of a sentence in that article.

  8. China borders more countries than any other country in the world. China is the big daddy exporter. China has a lot to gain from utilizing XRP. This is the Asian century. The revolution will start in Japan and spread like wild fire.

  9. All I can say is WHEN xrp is deemed not a security, and WHEN xrp goes live and both these will be this year, let's just say lots of people will quit there day jobs.

  10. Since xrp can be moved thru msg. Why cant xcurrent be utilized that way also ?? Was wondering … maybe xcurrent is all that banks need and so don we ????

  11. Alex great news but please if for some reason you get banned for sharing too vital information – do you have a backup on YT or elsewhere?
    These times are crucial – a lot of conservatives are banned from their platforms on FB/YT… As Obomba sold out the internet to China, they also own Google & Apple.
    These idelogical elements (commies) wants to silence their opposition.
    You never know if these elements are in some way allied with the BTC folks and wants to shut down any rival.

  12. you know things are getting seriously good, when the company (ripple) doesn't talk about the company, but partners do

    '1st rule of ripple club………..don't talk about ripple club' B garlinghouse Q2 2018

  13. Is it worth it to buy ripple now and how far will the price go up do u think? I'm a beginner so i don't know much 🙂 is it a better investment than bitcoin?

  14. Google, Twitter, Facebook forbade advertizing of cryptocurrencies! This is not very good! Only Telegram resolves and will never forbid it! I recommend to participate in their ICO while business is looking well

  15. I like how Ripple is quiet and other compagnys and banks talk about Ripple and XRP. Ripple is quiently smiling 🙂

  16. China makes sense, seeing as how Ripple held talks with PBoC reps last year. xRapid makes sense due to the Mercury fx and Cuallix (MEX) tie-ins.

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