Clara Mae – Unmiss You (Official Lyric Video)

Clara Mae – Unmiss You (Official Lyric Video)

Clara Mae – Unmiss You (Official Lyric Video)
Released via Big Beat Records

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Swedish singer/songwriter Clara Hagman began her career by participating in singing competitions and studying jazz vocals and piano, which fueled her passion for writing and experimenting with melodies. Adopting the name “Clara Mae” in 2014, she has had the opportunity to work with artists including David Guetta, Tiesto, and KREAM.

Her hit singles “I Forgot” and “I’m Not Her” garnered millions of streams of Spotify and her feature on KREAM’s song “Taped Up Heart” peaked at #21 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart and #70 on the Swedish chart. She was also featured as one of YouTube Music’s Artists on the Rise in June 2018.



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  1. wtfff i’ve already moved on that’s what i know until listening to this, gave me a sudden doubt if i have really moved on (??) i hate this feeling

  2. Chebae chebae chebae chebae chebae chebae chebae chebae
    I can't unmiss you Chebae chebae chebae ??????? chebae ????♥️ chebae chebae chebae ??????❤️♥️ chebae

  3. This song is the best i wish i can reverse all the bad things that happened in my life this video should get alot of like like really when I'm sad i listen to it.

  4. Funny how this pops at my recommendation today where me and my boyfriend end our relationship a while ago. ? I will miss you. ?

  5. Omg I only just heard this song but found this after listening to call your girlfriend absolutely loved them both!! Thank you

  6. Yt really knows how im feeling rn.. "reverse the time so i could unmeet u" i thought im over u.. but everytime i wake up,, i miss getting my phone to reply ur 'good mornings' or to greet u first, and us saying good night… i thought im over u but even when im busy,, ure still on my mind. Im always out of my mind thinking of u and sometimes abt u and the girl.. why am i still missing u, why am i still feeling this way.. when in fact i should focus on moving on.. cant stop thinking on things that should be happening between us.. but u replaced me.. i already accept that fact,, but the memories we've spent,, those are one of my happiest memories in my life, but now my happiest memories are one of the saddest memories i have rn. I know id be over u, over i mean,, yes over and i wont feel like this.. but part of moving on and healing is that when u think ure all good, but in a second you'd feel like the pain is still fresh even when it happened quite long time ago.. but seriously i cant wait to get over u. And to be completely healed.. im happy for u and for the girl u replaced me.. but i cant avoid thinking that i should be the one listening to ur rants, asking how was ur day, getting to knos u more, share about ur dreams, knows more abt ur hates and likes, cheering u, making u happy, comforting u when ure sad.. one day can unlike u and unmiss u.


  7. “Only say good things in front of our friends..I don’t wanna talk shit, cuz what if you wanted to try us again?” I never say anything bad about him even when my friends try to make me. Meanwhile he’s fine saying whatever about me…

  8. After reading comments… I guess that I'm not the only one who misses someone who left me and still thinking about that person. I really wish if I never met you.

  9. Recent broke up w my boyfriend…not cuz I didn't love him and he didn't love me but because he lived in another state and I wasn't sure if I could move away from my family. I think I made a really big mistake doing that….I can't unmiss him. I think I'll always miss him. I think I'll always love him.

  10. Clara Mae, this is such a masterpiece. I love you and your songs xxx also whoever reads this, have an awesome day! <3

  11. Even though it hurt, I don’t want to forgot about someone I used to love and trust. Because that person used to be happiness and also made me who I am right now. I could just thank him for all the love and pain we been through because without it, I can’t never be this strong. Peace for everyone ☺️❤️

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