CLIP STUDIO PAINT WEBINAR / Realistic Coloring and Shading with Concept Artist Magdalena Proszowska

CLIP STUDIO PAINT WEBINAR / Realistic Coloring and Shading with Concept Artist Magdalena Proszowska

Magdalena was born in Poland, and is currently living and working in Germany as a Senior Concept Artist for game developer Ubisoft. Digital painting is her passion, spending any free time working on illustrations and character design. She’s an active speaker and guest teacher at top game development Universities in North-Rhine-Westphalia area of Germany.

In this webinar, Magda discusses realistic coloring, shading and how to use light to create an emotional impact in your illustrations using Clip Studio Paint. Whether you’re all digital or a traditional artist using Clip Studio Paint as part of your creation process, there is a lot to learn. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session with questions from the chat of the live audience.

Magda used version 1.8.5 of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO
The latest version can be downloaded here:

Magdalena Proszowska





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  1. Google search color wheel with saturation. I found basically the same wheel. I've noticed one constant of advice from most pro artist and it's to copy all the time when you practice. Very informative. Thanks ?

  2. Wtf is this shit? I came for the cool drawing in the thumbnail and all I see is this american anime crap. What is the purpose of color theory if at the end you paint something extremely flat with little understanding of the same color theory you preach? Might as well do a grey scale shortcut and call it a day. How the fuck can you call 39:00 a well done work? Amateurish at best. One day you post a godly artowork from akiman and then this lmao, get your shit together clip studio

  3. very nice webinar and mam, you have a very great smile in that picture. But usually class like this is paid around 10k USD for collage or schools. This is very informative


    Just recently attended this webinar (2/28/19) by Magdalena Proszowska on Clip Studio Paint – Realistic Coloring and Rendering – hosted by Celsys and Graphixley.

    This knowledge is not just applicable to CSP or even just digital art but to any artistic endeavor working with chroma!

    Magdalena did such a clear and efficient demo and explanation that I am inspired to share this great video demo with all that might be interested!

  5. A great webinar, but I would definitely look into making sure the frame rate of the video is more fluid and consistent, because this felt like 1 frame every 1 or 2 seconds.

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