Coda Dislikes Younger Monkeys, Coda Really Rely on Mother Mekala

Coda Dislikes Younger Monkeys, Coda Really Rely on Mother Mekala

Hello Everyone! This video, I would like to share with you about monkey lifestyles such as wild and pet monkeys, so you can find out here about animals for searching for knowledge, educational and entertainment purposes anytime anywhere. Please click here: for more new video

** Please help us by comment to improve my videos in this channel, All videos created are the original or real life of the monkeys and it doesn’t contain copyright, nudity, sexual, harmful, hateful, or other activities to violation human ‘s right or YouTube Policy.

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  1. Mais porque a Mãe dela já abandonou é difícil ela sobreviver essas pessoas que filmam deveriam levar uma mamadeira umas frutas pra ela e ficar cuidando pra ela comer

  2. Baby monkeys who are orphaned should be taken to a place where milk and fruit are guaranteed until they are able to fend for themselves.

  3. Бедная голодная Кода, так жалко её, такая маленькая, выживает как может, кто мама Меллоди интересно

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