Congratulations | MHA Animatic

Congratulations | MHA Animatic

I’m back with another video no one asked for.

So I know there are other versions like this, but I wanted to make my own.

This took me like a week in total to finish and I stood up late yesterday just to get it done. Anyways, hope you like it. :0




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  1. This is really different from others! Usually, Angelica is Izuku, so this is a nice change. Your art style is amazing and keeps itself very smooth throughout this entire thing, and I’m DAMN proud about how much quality art. This is one of the most IMPRESSIVE videos from you and the improvement over time is very evident in this! It only seems to get better as I watch it. Everything is perfect, every aspect. This is truly a talent of yours. (:
    It’s emotional and conveys so much in the art. I encourage you, my dear artist!~
    -Your number one fan, Bagel

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