Could Ripple and SWIFT Be Working With Each Other?


Could Ripple and SWIFT Be Working With Each Other?


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  1. Yes, I know there are a few flaws with the green screen I just got this puppy set up and am going to spend the rest of the day working to make it perfect! thank you guys for watching and drop a like and subscribe to support the channel!

  2. Read this.. lots of curious curiosities 🤔 😉

  3. @Alex Cobb – Dude this video is mindblowing, all the dots are coming together. XRP moon could potentially be the norm by EOY.

  4. guys alot of you are maths genious … a freind of mine on the april put 100.000 thous. dollars on ripple .. and you know what he said to me .. theo my man .. this ripple xrp will be in the ten with the 000s for those idiots wake up and have balls .. this will make you cry.. idont realy care about berable guy … or his grand ma.. i said it first on u tube by 2020 nov. dec. ripple xrp will be 4.000 a coin .the realy story . and the back stage staff . no one knows .. stop saying it cant.. what market cap .. you serious … no rules when this happends and it started…rippppppplllleeee.xxxrrrppp .will go to the universe ..wait and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……

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  6. What video of yours did you announce from bearable guy that XRP would be at $589 years end?

  7. Re: The Green Screen — it's all in the lighting man…spend the time lighting yourself properly and it'll save you headaches in post.

    Love the XRP videos, by the way.

  8. oh alex you are changing your mind we have behind the scenes.. how nice …listen guys and girls .. a freind of mine put 120.000 thousand dollars on ripple xrp.. this guy is in digital buss.iness..the only u tuber thats talking positive about ripples price jungle .inc. and my mate said to me .that invested 120.000 dollars ,.in xrp today. in 3.or 4 years this coin will be close to the i realy dont care having the smart u tubers that are saying 100 or 200 dollars …. r u b i sh….have anice day..and dont talk s h i t..

  9. Why is it $500 dollars impossible? Bitcoin reached it's levels very quickly and frankly mostly without much solid connections and technology behind. I've been observing what people think and comment in the last year and human psychology is still the same no matter what area you look at. Right now there still so much FUD and bullshit peddled around by ignorant and stupid. Very typical and it will inevitably change. History tends to repeat itself in all aspects of human life. I personally thought for a long time that Bitcoin remained that high partially because of anonymity. Quite recently I learned about technologies that can make XRP payment also anonymous. I simply can't think now of any case where Ripple can't do ANYTHING that any other digital asset can.

  10. Hey Alex. Really got interested in Ripple/XRP due to your videos so thanks for the content, keep up the good work. SO on Swifts twitter they released a SWIFTgpi testimonial video talking about increased speed and cost, but one of the testimonials is from Global Head of Corporate Banking…. at Santander, and the video shows the global map pin pointing this testimonial from Madrid Spain. Isn't Ripple handling the payments for Santander? In in particular one of those countries is Spain….. what do you think…

  11. Hahahahaha! You are absolutely correct. Impossible for XRP be $589 by the end of the year LOL or pretty much ever! Maybe 58, or $59 one day? And that's pushing it. Let's be realistic here. Not to mention, it doesn't matter how many businesses ripple partners with, or signs. Unless they use XRP, it means nothing. And so far, no one is using XRP. Yes… I know they're supposed to start using it. That's all I ever hear, they're supposed too. I've been in XRP since before you were making videos. But nothing has changed other then they keep signing banks, and businesses that don't use XRP.

  12. This crossed my mind a few months ago about Ripple and Swift partnership or even Ripple buying out Swift cuz Swift knows that they're out done by Ripple and I do believe xrp will be $10 or more by the end of the year damn now I got to buy some more I keep filling my bag up of xrp and I never think I have enough it will be huge

  13. My question is this.. if we are headed to $589, when do we start to see price movement? I know no one really knows, but to hit that number, things need to start moving now.

  14. No more jumping out of the chair now 🙂 You'll have to come up with an animation to play when someone drops big D's 🙂 Cool video btw…

  15. I'm pretty sure that Swift's tweet is just them letting the community and their clients know that they must update their interfaces and business systems to adhere to Swift's message types (MT), which are just schema for sending Swift's messages. In other words, Swift's tweet has nothing to do with ripple, nor is Swift saying that their product is changing paradigms. Ripple's ILP is much better than Swift's messaging system, so we'll see what develops in the future.


  16. Makes since…if Swift wants to continue to be around, they have to adapt to new technologies.


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