COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?


COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

This video animation on COVID-19 and the coronavirus is a collaboration between Nucleus Medical Media and our friends at the What If Channel. To watch super interesting hypothetical scenarios on the human body, humanity, the planet and the cosmos, please visit the What If Channel at

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  1. I'm from Somalia i have one idea that is STAY AT HOME save your country 👏👏 save the ???

  2. Earth is falling apart slowly but faster than usual and is the cov10 that will be a small part of the end of mankind

  3. I used to go to church with my 1 year old boy and go to mall after.. but, now i cannot bring him outside for almost 2 months already. i cant even bring him down since we have confirmed case inside our condo.

  4. From my point of observations covid -19 can only be understood from the point of its origin as for now China how did it start and how did they get rid of it it looks like a laboratory error which landed in public domain while trying to go by the plan it went out of hand and today it's killing people

  5. It seams that govid-19 is a biochemical wapen, developt in a laboratory in the province hubei, close to whuhan, its spreads to fast over the world.

  6. Ok so any soap can kill this virus it's like throwing squeeze in oil soap kills the the oil. So how come our body don't have like detergent to kill it . Or make a vaccine to kill it in your body like a detergent

  7. Y’all this is serious this is the government doing this. Don’t get the flu shot it gives you the flu. I’ve never got the flu shot and I never got the flu

  8. We should study How to eat to live by Elijah Muhammad! That book helped me recover from illnesses and I am a vegetarian now because of it! Get that Book!

  9. Wash ur hands as often as possible. —- My hands are so dry like the Sahara desert since three weeks……

  10. Hope everyone stays safe and I am so sorry for everyone has got infected. Stay safe everyone & wash your hands for 20 seconds every hour— for hand sanitizer does not kill the illness. STAY SAFE!

  11. Keep in mind that you do t have to cough or sneeze, talking can spread it, since talking emits droplets. Also, it says for hours on surfaces

  12. Scientists and man made technology 1 .man made God's and praying 0 . to all the world's health cares thank you thank you! !


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