Curt angle get ready to bath with lita

Curt angle get ready to bath with lita



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  1. fuck this now after them kinda women wrestlers ashley massaro was is nothing like last year with gene only before at the previous smackdown where wwe began that evil path from wcw they are today as raw in 1999 nidia and dawn marie if we can keep our heads on not the low famous studio form showing herman and katnip god damn though

  2. They wouldn’t be able to come close to this again in today’s age. You can thank the #MeToo movement for that ☹️?

  3. There is some misunderstanding here. When he said Amy he didn't ment Lita he ment Amy Weber's……..the one who uploaded this video is completely confused……..It was not Lita it was Amy Weber so he said Amy…..

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