D-1: Satan Sandwich, NOW WITH SATAN FRIES!


D-1: Satan Sandwich, NOW WITH SATAN FRIES!

It’s default deadline day and democratic leaders say the debt deal is a Satan sandwich with a side of Satan fries.

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  1. obamanure's strings are being pulled by the international bankers and corporations. follow the money

  2. Who voted against raising the debt ceiling?
    95 Democrats and 66 Republicans exactly – voted against the bill
    The US credit rating was downgraded because the bill didn't contain enough cuts.

  3. Just like how they snuck in false Democrats as Republicans for the recall election. I'm seriously thinking that Obama is an actual closet Republican lol.

  4. my mom talks so much shit about politicians but still votes for pelosi over and over and over again. wtf

  5. Pelosi is a piece of shit traitor and deserves nothing more than a direct trip to the gallows!

  6. and yet again, they have really screwed us . .

    The United States is crashing, yet Pelosi, Boehner and many other politicians made millions last year – but 'We the People', who pay their salary, have pretty much been screwed. It's past time to vote all these bums out – they don't care about us or our country, at all.


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