Daily snaps 7/12/18


Daily snaps 7/12/18

Queso comes home!

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  1. Yay for Queso! Seems to be doing much better. Thanks for the videos. They make my day. My golden was the light of my life and my late mother’s steadfast rock. Unfortunately, she passed away from epilepsy at the early age of eight. I shall always remember her. Bless you for these videos, they bring back so many memories of the good times.

  2. It's such a relief to see Queso back home and eating again. As others have said, I hope her recovery goes well!

  3. Every bite of food Queso takes is a delight 😀 I'm sure it must be a huge relief on yourself, Jen. All the best for the recovery period ❤️

  4. Sooo glad Queso is doing so well! Hope her recovery goes well. As a pre-vet student I say lots of love, snacks, and especially waffles!!


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