Dakota Johnson’s Favorite Comedian Isn’t Ellen


Dakota Johnson’s Favorite Comedian Isn’t Ellen

Dakota Johnson revealed to Ellen that her favorite comedian is Tig Notaro, who did a standup set during her recent 30th birthday party. The actress also opened up about what it was like on the set for “The Peanut Butter Falcon” with co-star Shia LaBeouf, who was arrested while filming the movie.


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  1. I didn't like how ellen mentioned her best friend, jen anniston, as a way to get back at dakota she could've said any other name

  2. "actually no that’s not the truth ellen you were invited" A CULTURAL RESET WE DIDNT KNOW WE ALL NEEDED

  3. Ellen reaaaally should've gotten the hint after Dakota cussed. She handled this passive-aggressive ambush like a G.

  4. I read, as a boss, Ellen can be mean to people. She still owes me 20 bucks. I should probably forget about it.

  5. Stephen Schirripa of The Sopranos cast said he used to run a comedy club and Ellen would perform there, they knew each other as he would allow her to perform there. Years later he saw her at a party and reintroduced himself and she completely dismissed him like he wasn't there. Ellen sucks.

  6. Me to Dakota after calling Ellen out: Hey queen you have done it again ,constantly raising the bar for us all


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