Dantes Inferno Nudity Test (HD)


Dantes Inferno Nudity Test (HD)

yea this is just a test to see if the nudity is blurred out lol

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  1. @paladin1352 Youtube doesn't remove videos that include nudity that are for educational purposes. Doctors wouldn't be able to know how to do a vaginal exam if the video didn't exist.

  2. @nintendork4 Well Youtube could make it that video's that contain nudity (when uploaded) have to have a box ticked that says it is for viewers aged 18 and over and that only people who have an account and that says that they are 18 should be able to watch it. It is a win win because Youtube have shown that the responsibility now falls on the parent and we get all the nudity we want 😛

  3. wtf is the big deal? they are just boobs, is that a taboo these days? this is why games are rated, so nobody have a reason to complain.

  4. it did not work that well covering up her boobs, maybe use a black box, and also start it much later in the film like right when it pans, nice try though. 🙂

  5. how am i a nerd..this is a test to REMOVe the Nudity for the upcoming walkthrough Monday Nitew


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