"Das Spandau Ballett"

"Das Spandau Ballett"

A short film we made in 2004. It was a labor of love for all involved. Many gave of their time, effort, equipment, and services for what would have been a $14,000 budget. Hannah Thomas is breath-taking as her fearless portrayal of SARAI, a Jewish girl who arrives at a concentration camp during NAZI occupied Germany. May this piece be a reminded of the evil that can exist and be perpetrated in this world.

WARNING: COntains nudity, violence, and language.




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  1. The work is very good. Artistically, it is very good but it does not justify the Palestinian deaths that they perform in a ruthless ethnic cleansing, killing them of hunger, thirst, for lack of medical supplies, taking out the best farmland near the sea. They are not afraid of what God can recriminate, admonish and abandon to their fate or are they only at this time allies of the most powerful on earth and therefore abuse their power?

  2. OH,THOSE NAZIS were a brave bunch weren't they,able to kill women and children,JUST LIKE THE POLICE GANGS IN AMERICA,but when they encountered MEN,they will ALL the police gangs in america,they killed 20,000 russian children,BIG MISTAKE IDIOTS..

  3. ガス室って後期収容所でユダヤ人を収容しきれなくなったのと敗戦が近付いてきたナチ軍が一人でも多くのユダヤ人を殺すために使われたんでしょ、確か

  4. I dont like Nazi people they know they're on the wrong don't they have the brains that all of them can Betray the cruel leader and make the world change DUH.

  5. I would have found a way to take out all 6 of those stupid fucks out all at the same time .???.and help her.

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