Dead Girl (2008) – New Holes on Deadgirl

Dead Girl (2008) – New Holes on Deadgirl

Dead Girl (2008) – New Holes on Deadgirl

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Directed By Marcel Sarmiento, Gadi Harel ⋅ United States ⋅ 101 min

When two teens find a chained-up dead girl, they make decisions they’ll soon regret in this subversive scare film from director Marcel Sarmiento (V/H/S VIRAL) that turns the conventions of horror and coming-of-age movies – not to mention bad boy behavior and rape culture – on their heads. Since the dead girl’s chained up, Rickie and JT assume she can’t do anything to them if they and their friends want to take advantage of her beautiful body. But by the time they find out how wrong they are, it may already be too late. Daringly original and deeply disturbing.

Cast: Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Candice Accola



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  1. I seen this movie and it's one of the most disgusting and, at the same time, stupidest films I've ever seen. Even the guy who was suppose to be somewhat of a hero in the movie was a f***in' idiot.

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