Dead or Alive 5 Hot zone Vignette

Dead or Alive 5 Hot zone Vignette

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence



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  1. funny thing is that one of Kusunagi's voice lines is "it that it". They messed up on that dialogue and I sure hope that they AT LEAST fix that line and give at least some new lines.

  2. I've never been so aroused by technical talk.
    I take it you've been playing the demo? I love how Hitomi's top becomes soaked and transparent as the fight progresses. Tasteful choice of bra underneath too.

  3. Yeah, if I remember right as much as 24 costumes for some of the girls. Like that xbox-girl black mini-skirt costume. Reow!

  4. that's a sweet stage forreal. I like how the war goes on directly with the stage and not just way off in the background

  5. Dead or Alive 5 Has Costume-Specific Bounce and Transparency
    Girl-specific bounce is nothing new. But Dead or Alive 5 takes the bounce to new heights with costume-specific bounce.

    In an interview with Famitsu Xbox 360, a partial transcript of which was posted today to, director Yohei Niibori revealed that the game's breast movement will vary not just by character, but by costume as well.

    The clothing transparency level will also vary by outfit.

  6. 1 thing!! The characters don't in the most, LOOK like they're tired. Christie is dripping sweat, yet she isn't panting, or her chest isn't heaving up and down like she needs air or have a facial expression of 'i just got out of a fight'. Think they should definitely work on that since it's such a big part.

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