dear yuri (dear theodosia) || yoi x hamilton animatic


dear yuri (dear theodosia) || yoi x hamilton animatic

the art is really bad but i had an idea so i rolled with it. i really can’t get used to digital art :'(

song: dear theodosia by lin-manuel miranda
drawing program: adobe photoshop cs6
editing program: sony vegas pro 13

this is for entertainment purposes and i, in no way, own anything except for the art.




  1. When I remembered that the song says "You have your mothers name" I was like "OH MY GOD IT'S GONNA BE YURI!!" and then when Yuri came on the screen it took me 1 second to realize my assumption was correct and then I squealed XD
    Edit: Me: goes to comments to look at what people are saying
    Random Comment: WAIT!!! BUT YURI'S GONNA DIE!?!?
    Me: has hamilton flashbacks no….. cries

  2. THIS IS EVERYTHING!! Two of my favorite things in one TYSM 😭❤️ Keep up this amazing work💕

  3. I'm noy crying… Y-You are!
    And stop saying Yuuri will die for the reprise… Please… Stop it ;-; and don't mention Stay Alive (Reprise) either! Nobody is suppused to die I want a happy ending…

  4. I luv this soo muchhh, why does this does'nt have that much views??? Am cryinggg, goodjob !! <33 👍👍😭😭


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