DIRTY PONY | A Short Lesbian Film [CC]

DIRTY PONY | A Short Lesbian Film [CC]


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Copyright 2019 Tessa Kennedy
All rights reserved. No part of this film may be reproduced or used in any form without written permission from the creator.


Abi McLoughlin as Mrs. Jennings
Tessa Kennedy as Perry


Camera Operator/Director of Photography: Caolan Caddell

Written and Edited by: Tessa Kennedy




Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

All background music does not belong to me and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Please see the above links for details.



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  1. Hello! Thank-you so much for all your support for the book so far, I'm so overwhelmed and overjoyed at the reception insert picture of Kermit the frog crying into a tissue
    If you'd like to purchase a copy please click here:
    You can also check out the following link for a more detailed look at the paperback and poetry:
    And finally, my instagram for the same: sapphic_underground

  2. but..but..those britches don't have the pads for horse riding..🌈 the 🐇 the 🐇 the 🐇
    aii it's a diff woman

  3. Now…I was obviously only watching this for "research" purposes, but even I felt guilty when they slowly turned & seductively pointed in my direction!… Who knew research could be so powerful!
    (Pls don't ask what I was researching… I've suddenly forgotten!!) 🤣🤣

  4. Good night girl o que admiro nas mulheres lesbicas/bi sexuais todas suas namoradas/amantes sao bonitas inteligentes famosas etc e sexualmente em grande maioria sao alegres, felizes, fieis etc e lindas carinhosas e.vivem de seus proprios ganhos e negocios. E por isso que eu nao faco discriminacao da opcao sexual de ninguem e tambem sao grandes e respeitosas colegas de trabalho como num ciclo de amizades sao bem unidas. Beijos pra todas que tem essa opcao como tambem as hetero todas sao lindas.

  5. I'm having weird thoughts about nodding off to sleep in a library, then waking up and muttering 'dirty pony dirty pony' louder and louder…

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