Disturbing Movies You Won't Be Able To Sit Through

Disturbing Movies You Won't Be Able To Sit Through

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There’s bound to be a film out there that pushes one or two of your buttons. These movies, on the other hand, push every single one of them. These movies aren’t just hard to watch. They aren’t just edgy. And they don’t just challenge the entire concept of good taste. They’re deeply disturbing on almost every level…

The Green Inferno | 0:20
Martyrs | 1:57
Irreversible | 3:05
The Woman | 4:22
Revenge | 5:14
The House that Jack Built | 6:36
Bite | 8:04
The Wild Bunch | 9:51

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  1. 6:56 hey rocket before becoming a guardian of the galaxy. I love that guy. Dont forget to tell your friends taser face.

  2. 6:56 How is that disturbing? I thought you were showing clips that were unsettling, but that fox is adorable.

  3. Me who saw the green inferno when I was little (4-7):???

    & thats how you become desensitized to traumatic stuff kids or at least gain more problems later on in life!?

  4. Instead of everyone acting gangster . I wish they'd name movies that may been missed. Cause idk how many put this list together for this channel. But some disturbing movies bound to get over looked. Cause not one person has seen every movie. But I have seen alot, just cause they don't make you squimish or leave doesn't mean you don't feel it's disturbing if it had happened in real life. Whose to say some things haven't in some sense.

  5. Wow I really thought I spit on your grave would be on the list that was really hard to watch her go through that.

  6. Young Frankenstein was the scariest horror movie I ever saw…Marty Feldmens bulging eyes haunt me to this day…

  7. The Green Inferno was a nightmare to watch. it was the last time i watched time. 1 is enough. Irreversible, Revenge, Bite on the other hand, stop counting. the rest i have not heard of them.

  8. A house that hack built is not disturbing if you're familiar with Lars von trier, it's a good movie..
    And let's face it , these movies are nothing compared to a Serbian film, that's truly insane and disturbing

  9. Green Inferno literally took me like 2 days to get through it. I kept getting scared even though I had watched it before and knew everything that was going to happen.

  10. Too many modern films. Surprised there's no Cannibal Holocaust (1&2), Antenna, Uzumaki, Audition, Man Bites Dog. I'd also include the Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes, but that never got a large release so Looper probably doesn't include it.

  11. I can actually watch all of this easy. But some of that I shouldent be alive documetaries got me to black out. that triathlon lady that broke her fimer I just fell.

  12. Revenge is only well reviewed by critics since it got a female killer this time. The movie itself is pretty crap.

  13. If we're going there for an "In it's time" movie, The Exorcist definitely had folks running out the theater and fainting in the aisles in record numbers that still haven't been beaten to this day! Wild Bunch… get the hell outta here!!!

  14. The only time I can't sit though a movie is when it is complete bullshit. 15-20 mins in you can tell. Although there is one movie I refuse to watch because the trailer was even too much to sit through and that's "Earthlings". Meat eating cunce probably won't think anything of it.

  15. Bite: hard to watch only because who doesn’t go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY after vomiting thick, clear mucous, and having an oozing cluster of bumps from a mysterious jungle bug? Annoying as hell. Seriously, I hate movies like this..

  16. Try to watch " Serbian Movie " in Balkan Lanagues
    it is Srpski film. It's so disturbing, messed up,
    mentally and phisiclly ill. Life will never be
    the same after that movie.

  17. just like disturbing movies know what a disturbing movie is, and you don´t even need to show death or violence.

  18. try taking a knife into your arm when defending your head, and the thing just stayed there, until I took it off and dropped it to the floor without a sound, saved my life, I guess predators know another predator.

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