Dying light the following side quests

Dying light the following side quests

I make videos

Leader of moth crew 2011-
Owner of JCTMF productions 2006-
Ex leader of royal crew 2013-2017.
Second channel tykils vlogs.
Main YouTube tykil 67.
Names tykil67 JCTMF.
But people call me Tyler.
I’m a YouTuber who started in 2011 and continue to upload videos I’m not the best YouTuber but the only YouTuber who upload uncut content uncensored videos but puts age rating on my videos and in the description I got a playlist that has every single video, live stream, vlog, and games I’ve played so subscribe and turn on those notifications and like and comment and enjoy love you all and have a fantastic day or night peace…

Ex leader of unicorn squad 2016-2017

The Creator and owner of the dip experience series ft paul and Jeremy including I’m spheredjj.

Warning this content and channel is TV-MA for strong language, sexual content, some nudity, and use of tobacco and graphic video game violence.enjoi

JCTMF productions. Inc

I’ll make a come back don’t worry friends



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