Ellen & Cher Sing 'If I Could Turn Back Time' During '5 Second Rule'


Ellen & Cher Sing 'If I Could Turn Back Time' During '5 Second Rule'

Ellen and Cher were just about to play “5 Second Rule” when they got sidetracked with an impromptu singalong of Cher’s classic, “If I Could Turn Back Time.”


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  1. They actually did play the game on Ellen tube. I think it’s not worth upload up here cause Cher was so boring and defensive.

  2. I'm cher's biggest fan. When I was a little girl my mom useto sing if I could turn back time to me all the way up until I was a teenager. I useto think my mom looked like cher. My moms 1 wish was to see cher b4 she died & she got to see her on concert, unfortunately my mom is no longer here but that song gets me emotional every time I hear it. Someday I hope to meet cher I swear she's my mom in disguise lol.

  3. Por qué se ve tan joven?
    Canta en vivo y sin saber que la van a poner a cantar y canta igualito. Osea su voz es de 72 años y canta igual que cuando hizo esa canción. Se supone que a los 72 años de edad ya hablas viejito y ella no.

  4. I could look at Cher's face all day! She's so beautiful and flawless. If she's ever had work done, it's very subtle and natural.


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