EP-181 || Aitzaz Ahsan Suggest A Formula To imran Khan Govt Deatils By Siddique Jan


EP-181 || Aitzaz Ahsan Suggest A Formula To imran Khan Govt Deatils By Siddique Jan

Aitzaz Ahsan Suggest A Formula To Imran Khan Govt Details By Siddique Jan


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  1. Joht k khilaaf zuban sy jahaad karny ka waqt ha, youth k lia bahtreen moqa ha haq k lia larny ka

  2. Judges are the mist dishonest, skipper should fire terminate all judges and dismiss courts no needs to pay they all release terrorist and corrupt people, police can solve all those problems .

  3. How dare can you think of influencing the Indian electorate and Indian elections. Mind your own business concentrate on your country that is already in tatters

  4. بہت اچھا مشورہ ہے اس پر حکومت کو فل فور عمل کرنا چاہے یہ ملکی مفاہد مین ہے تاکہ دنیا انڈیا کا اصلی چہرہ دیکھ سکے جسطرح یہ ہم کوبیجا بدنام کرتے رہتے ہین ہمین

    انڈیا کو وہی گولی کھلا ہین جو انڈیا نے ہمکو بار بار کھلاںے کی کوشش بھی کی جس وہ کامیاب بھی ہوا اور کبھی کبھی ناکام بھی ہوا

  5. Silver billet..thanks for sharing…its a very good suggestion…Govt must do something on it…

  6. Lower courts can easily double the numbers of disposed cases just by administrative action.

  7. Kash kash kash aplo istarha islam kayleya bhe boltay (riba,sharia law) ya to apki zuban per nahi atay and pakistan should note that they should own kishmer and make 1st agenda to work on kashimr and get them freedom from india.. india will never going to give away kashmir a independent status without massive killing and without having war

  8. Moudi k na Jeetna bhtr ha es sy Pakistan ko apny AP ko mazboot karny ka time Mill jy ga waisy tuo kangress kon c humari dost ha Allah k Amar sy es mulk k ly jo bhatr ho ga us ke Dua karain Aameen

  9. We don't agree with CJ about additional judges. CJ should accept his responsibility to expedite cases it dies not matter if you add more judges there is definitely justice delayed and justice denied.
    But at least we thank CJ for not taking suo motu zmand not interfering in PTI Govt like the previous CJ he was a total mess

  10. ہم مودی کے بھارت کو دکھائیں گے کہ ایک مسلمان ملک پاکستان اپنی اقلیتوں سے دنیا میں سب سے اچھا سلوک روا رکھے گا۔ ان شاءاللہ

  11. Brother plzz
    Karachi amenities plots and illegal construction wala case jo SC Karachi registry ma chal raha hai us ka case number etc yah judgment ka link share kr da plzz

  12. Really its very good suggestion by mr.Aitajaz hasan it should be implimented asap worldwide

  13. بہت خوُب
    بہترین مشورہ ھے احتزاز حسن صاحب کا اچھے انسان اچھی باتیں کرتے ھیں سیاسی اختلاف اپنی جگہ پر “ وطن سے محبت اپنی جگہ پر “حکومت کو اس تجویز پرعمل کرنا چاھۓ

  14. Ujlat main bolne main khansi hai. Speed kum karain. Point by point bolain. Tasaly sey bolain.medicine chor dain. Aap 100 fesad sehat mand hain.volume bhi kum karain. Performance AOne hai.Excellent.

  15. Dosra. overseas family visit visa pe Aetmad waly apne Mann marzi ki fees le rahe hain matlab Kisi na Kisi se tareky sy paise jyada le rahe hain

  16. aik number. bahawalpur mein ranger ki bertian hui hai aur wahan pe mere chote bhai ko is liye rejacet kar diya ky uski Umar 15 din zyada hai iske baare mein please Kuch update

  17. Sidique jan you should make the video and callobrate with other youtubers and twitter personals like farhan virk and we will make sure that this will viral in all over the world

  18. Siddique Jaan, Love your efforts and hard-work, but a correction is required, there are 24 hours in a day not 36 🙂🙂

  19. Excellently suggestion given by Eitzaz Ehsan Sb….Totally feasible if govt do not do this social media activist should do…. Thanks for point out Siddique Jan Br.

  20. If this man would've been loyal only to pakistan, he could have been mentioned as a remarkable figure of pakistan politics, but unfortunately he is a loyal subject of bhutto family.

  21. Your reporting is elaborate and carries the message across in a good time frame.
    I love watching your updates. Allah bless you, Aameen.

  22. اعتزاز حسن نے اچھی باتین کی اور ان میں وزن ہے. ان پر عمل ہونا چاہیے.
    آپکا شکریہ صدیق کہ اس کلپ کو سامنے لاے اچھی ویورشپ اور رپیوٹیشن ہے آپکی اور بہت لوگوں تک پہنچا یہ آپکی ایفرٹ سے.


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